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Friday, November 30, 2012

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It involves no extrta efforts at all. It is just in the bid to get you informed at all time!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Nigerians have been assured of a stable electricity supply in major cities by end of the second quarter of 2013.

This assurance was given by President Goodluck Jonathan Wednesday, in Islamabad, Pakistan at an interactive session with the Nigerian community
living there. The event hosted by the Nigerian High Commissioner to Pakistan, Dauda Danladi, was part of the activities on the sidelines of the Summit of Eight Developing Nations (D-8) being attended by the President in Islamabad.
In his response to questions raised by some of the guests, the President revealed his administration had overcome the challenges of power generation to a very large extent. He also evacuation of the generated electricity due to poor infrastructure as
the major challenge.

"Presently, we are generating more than what our transmission capability can evacuate. We have over 1000 megawatts of power that we cannot
evacuate because of the transmission
infrastructure that have been weak over the years and it was very recently that government started the intervention.

"But, we have projects that are going on, so before the end of the second quarter, almost middle of next year, most of these projects would have been
inaugurated and we will be evacuating power generated. At that time, quite a number of cities will begin to have 24 hour of light.

"When we get to that point you will see that small scale enterprises will begin to make returns and that is the way we can create jobs," he said. The
President told the gathering that his
administration had also made improvements on other sectors like roads, aviation, Agriculture and
other infrastructure.

The prersident explained that the set-back in achieving the set target was largely due to the devastating flood that ravaged some States across
the country. "We have the major flood that really set us back in some areas, otherwise we promised Nigerians that those of them who are in the
Diaspora, when they come home this Christmas they would see significant changes.

"The kind of Airports they will pass through, then the roads they will drive from the airports to the cities and when they enter the cities may be you
are used to not seeing light and putting on generator, you will not begin your stay by talking about the price
of diesel again because you will have light throughout.

"We may not be able to achieve all that by December, because within the flood period, we could not work. Things that we had expected to finish by December, were halted within the flood,
there was stagnation everywhere," he said.

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Edificationinfo: Fire razes medical students’ room at LUTH

Edificationinfo: Fire razes medical students’ room at LUTH

PPost Before “read more”And here is the rest of it
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012


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If yes is your answer,then eat the five super food.

1. Seeds & Nuts-Almonds and walnuts contain the necessary healthy fats and nutrients that are required in the production of sex hormones. Without these critical nutrients one can experience depression and can negatively affect mood, desire
and focus. Almonds have been described as a sexual
stimulant but has also been found to reduce infertility and miscarriages. These nutrient-dense nuts also provide critical minerals such as selenium, zinc and provide a great source of vitamin E.

2. Citrus Fruits.-Citrus fruits such as grapefruits, oranges and added lemon to your water can boost your confidence and performance in bed. According
to several studies vitamin C has been found to improve overall sperm health in men and decrease the risk of infertility in both sexes. Citrus fruits provide a boost of antioxidants and
glucose for improved focus, enhanced mood and decreased impact of stress hormones that can kill an erection and the moment.

3. Berries-Berries can be one of the most sensual foods for both men and women. Strawberries contain high amounts of folate and vitamin C.
These powerful nutrients will enhance your thoughts, your actions and your performance. How creative you are with your berries may indicate how creative you are sexually. Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries all make perfect teasers that can drive your partner over the edge. You can dip those berries in chocolate for added
stimulation to your pleasure centers.

4. Dark Chocolate-Eating chocolate may be music to your ears and send you to a state of bliss. Dark chocolate is a sensual food that can not only
trigger the mood but also the brain chemicals needed for sex. The brain chemical serotonin can directly produce feelings of pleasure. Dark chocolate also contains arginine and flavinols that
can create a Viagra like effect.

5. Avocados-Avocados are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. They are loaded with healthy fats that will stimulate fat loss, balance hormones
and pack a powerful aphrodisiac effect. Avocados are a super food for your brain, heart and most importantly the blood vessels in the action areas.

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Do you recognize them? True love!

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This is Tonto's current display picture on her blackberry phone.Tonto is one bold like???

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Here in Delta state, we have been subjected to undeserve punishment from these so called soldiers. A girl lost her wedding ring in her hostel, she reported to OBS (orientation broadcasting service) before we knew it
everybody were asked to kneel down under the sun like nursery school student. We call it "buying job". Every little offence here na frog jump we go dey do...ehhh!!! double!
double!...I tire ooo

Picture by Sola A.J

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When we heard about Keri Hilson arriving Abuja for the face of Sofa Lounge show, we were surprised
because we felt there wasn't enough hype and publicity. However thinking more about it, we pushed the thoughts aside.Unfortunately, people present at the show which took place at the
International Conference Center, report that it was an outright flop scantily attended.....Normal ticket for the show cost: N7500, VIP:
N20,000, VVIP: N500,000.

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Reports also claim that over half of students at this. school are living with the virus that is transmitted through sex. The school that has grabbed the
frightening headlines happens to be How Mine Secondary School.

Sources who spoke to our news crew said the pregnant girls are in Forms One to Three at the school. Sources further alleged that most of the girls have been impregnated by the Mine workers.
A reliable source who works at How Mine claims that their fellow workmates are madly in love with young school girls.

Parents of the pupils who learn at the school are said to have become suspicious after noticing that
their children are always putting on jerseys despite the warm weather that is currently prevailing. The
parents reportedly requested for a meeting at the school where they agreed that the students should
be taken for blood tests.

This publication heard that on 19 October all the girls at the school got tested and that is when all
hell broke loose! The Chairman of the School Development Committee (SDC), Mr Momore Makado confirmed the reports.

"We had a meeting with the parents last month where we deliberated on pregnant girls at the school. We agreed that the girls should be tested so that we could ascertain whether they are not ill or pregnant. We got shocked upon realising that 13 girls were pregnant. The pregnant girls are in Form One to Three," said the SDC chairman.

He added: "What baffles the most is that there are parents who do not see value in education. We heard that some of the girls are being forced to get
married by their parents." Our News Crew further heard that there is a mine
worker (name withheld) who allegedly
impregnated a Form 2 girl. A How Mine compound resident who only identified himself as Baba Farai said what is taking place at How Mine is so embarrassing.

"This area has corrupted the new generation. At any given time elderly men will be getting intimate
with young girls. Age is no longer a factor to consider. You will find a married man falling in love with a school girl and no one will ever be bothered.

Even elderly women are not left out. You will find these women convincing young boys to have sex with them, just for the sake of having sex," said
Baba Farai.

Another woman who spoke to our news crew on condition of anonymity said the rapid spreading of the virus is caused by not giving school children condoms. "It's high time they (authorities) offer
people condoms. Even school children should also be given these condoms so that they don't fall pregnant," she said.

When reached for comment, the Headmaster of How Mine Secondary School said he doesn't know anything about these claims since he has been at
the school for less than three months.

"I'm still new here. I joined this school this term so I don't know much about what you are saying," said
Headmaster Nkosikazi Siziba.

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This is the photo of Tiwa Savage and Her Mum at the just concluded Channel O Music Awards. Tiwa was one of the host at the show.

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A 62-year-old retired lecturer, Pa Ayoola Oyesiji, (pictured above) has been arrested by policemen. from Agugu Division of the Oyo State Police
Command for drowning his two-year-old
stepdaughter in a bucket of water, thereby killing her.

The incident, which occurred at Atipe area of Ibadan in the evening of Friday, 16 November, was reported to have been the aftermath of a quarrel between the man and his 22-year-old wife, Barakat Akeem, over sex.

The young woman, who is currently nursing a two- month-old baby for the retired lecturer, was said to have given birth to the deceased child before she
married him in December 2011.

Sunday Tribune gathered that the woman lived in the man's family house at Atipe area, and that the man used to come there to visit and to carry out
his conjugal duties.

However, things were said to have gone awry, when the man, who came to his wife on Friday, approached her for sex, and the woman refused,
claiming that her baby was still young, in addition to the fact that she was in her menstruation.

Pa Oyesiji, who was said to have retired from the University of Ilorin in June, reportedly got infuriated and tried to pull his wife back into the room, but
the woman fled, dropping her wrapper in the process.

Her two-year-old daughter, Aishat Mohammed, was said to be sleeping in the room then with her two- month-old baby being tended by a neighbour.

The woman reportedly raised the alarm which made neighbours to rush out of their rooms. She pleaded with them to help her bring her daughter, Aishat, out of the room where her husband had remained.

However, their attempts to do so proved abortive as Pa Oyesiji refused to open the door, a development that resulted in the neighbours forcing it open.

After a quick scan through the room, the little girl could not be located.
This development got the mother and the neighbours agitated over what could have befallen her.
However, they were shocked when they later discovered the body of Aishat in a half-filled bucket of water in the unlit room.

As the news spread in the neighbourhood, an irate mob was said to have descended on the retired
lecturer with different objects, beating him almost to the point of death, until he was rescued by a team of policemen from Agugu Division.

Sunday Tribune gathered that Pa Oyesiji is an habitual drunkard and was already drunk when he approached his wife for sex, another reason which reportedly made the young woman to have
rebuffed his advances on the fateful day.

Though he admitted that he was drunk, Pa Oyesiji told Sunday Tribune that he only wanted to prevent the girl from running about, by putting her
in a bucket, adding that he did not know that the bucket contained water.

When reminded that the baby was already asleep when he reportedly picked her from where she
was, the man could not put up any further defence.

It was learnt that the police were yet to inform the man about the girl's death, so that he would not harm himself.
He was also taken to a private hospital for treatment of the injuries he sustained in his eye during the mob action.

Oyesiji, a holder of MBBS degree, also lectured at the University of Ibadan before transferring his services to the University of Ilorin in 1996.

Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of administration, Mr. Clement Adoda, confirmed the story, saying that the remains of the girl had been
deposited in a mortuary for autopsy.
He added that the case would be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID),
Iyaganku for further investigations.

Source-Nigerian Sunday Tribune

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LOL! It was called basket shoes. And most of ya'all wore it. Nothing to be ashamed of. It was what was in vogue.

But, if you are still wearing it… Hohohoho… You have being sleeping on a bicycle for years…

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Aso Rock spokesperson, Reuben Abati, said Nigerians could send in questions via twitter handle @mediachatng or via SMS to +2347026076865.

The statement reads in full, "President Goodluck Jonathan will in the course of the Presidential Media Chat today, Sunday, November 18, 2012 respond to
questions from members of the public.

"Members of the public who have particular issues they would like President Jonathan to address are
invited to send their questions via twitter to @mediachatng or via SMS to +2347026076865.

"During the two-hour programme which will be broadcast live by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) and the Voice of Nigeria (VON) from 7p.m. to
9p.m, a representative selection of the most significant questions received will be presented to President Jonathan for his response.

"The President will, as is usual, also field questions from a panel of senior media practitioners."

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