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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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A 45 year old mechanic,Mr Tiamiyu Ibrahim had sex with his mother-in-law and also put her in a family line. Tiamiyu is legally married to Mrs Aminat Ibrahim but the mother of Aminat was impregnated by Tiamiyu.

Aminat said that her mother gave birth to a baby which the father is her husband,the baby is now four months old. This is so strange but Aminat's mother said she will cause her if she dare tell anybody.
The love affair between Tiamiyu and his wife's mother started when they started visiting themselves regularly, Aminat did not noticed at all but she said "being my mother, I had no cause to
worry, moreso, when she told me that she was
assisting me spiritually to become pregnant.
"I wedded my husband five years ago without issue.
Sometime in February last year, my mother came to
visit us and said she would stay with us for a while.
"I objected since I was not nursing a baby, but she
insisted and said was worried about our childlessness
and wanted to help us get over it. When I told my
husband he was glad about my mother's concern.

"Being a trader, I always leave home most times at
6.00 am for neighboring towns and villages to buy
yam tubers or vegetables and then bring them to the
market to sell. I always leave the market at 7 Pam.
"My husband is a mechanic. He has his workshop at a
place not far from our house. This enabled him to
always come home in the afternoon for lunch often
prepared by my mother.
"After a while, my husband would tell me jokingly
that my mother's soup was delicious than the soup I

"I did not suspect that anything was going on
between them. After all, I trusted my husband,
besides the woman in question is my mum and not a
"In December last year, I noticed that my mother's
belly was protruding.When I demanded to know if
she was pregnant, she said yes. She told me further
that her man-friend in the village impregnated her,
adding that she used to go to the village when
everybody in the house had gone out. Our father died
long ago.
"I advised her to look for accommodation elsewhere
but she refused. After exerting much pressure on her
to leave our house, she confessed that my husband
impregnated her.
"I was dazed and almost passed out. She told me
that my husband ignited the love affairs.

The mother said that whenever she is in the bathroom,the husband of her daughter will come in pretending as if he did not know after seeing her nakedness. She told newsmen that "each time he
came home for lunch, he would play pornographic
films, inviting me to join him in the sitting room to
watch it.

Mrs Ibrahim added, "According to my mum, while the
film was going on, my husband would come to where
she was sitting and grabbed her. Even after she had
freed herself from him and run to stay in the kitchen,
my husband would still go to meet her and that was
how he started having sex with her.
"My mother told me that she agreed to his demand
since it was just to satisfy him and protect my
marriage. Moreso, she never thought she could get
pregnant again at 57 years.
"My mother explained further that my husband
stopped going to work on Saturdays in order to stay
with her at home. She told me that four attempts
were made to terminate the foetus because she was
ashamed but each attempt was unsuccessful.

When Aminat confronted her husband on the issue,he said that she should not complain because she is childless."My husband told me that it was my
mother who seduced him by always staying naked in
the room knowing that he could come into the room
anytime since they are living in a room and palour
"He told me not to bother him much on the matter
since I don't have any child for him."

Currently we don't know the whereabouts of the husband and the mother-in-law.
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