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Sunday, November 18, 2012

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Reports also claim that over half of students at this. school are living with the virus that is transmitted through sex. The school that has grabbed the
frightening headlines happens to be How Mine Secondary School.

Sources who spoke to our news crew said the pregnant girls are in Forms One to Three at the school. Sources further alleged that most of the girls have been impregnated by the Mine workers.
A reliable source who works at How Mine claims that their fellow workmates are madly in love with young school girls.

Parents of the pupils who learn at the school are said to have become suspicious after noticing that
their children are always putting on jerseys despite the warm weather that is currently prevailing. The
parents reportedly requested for a meeting at the school where they agreed that the students should
be taken for blood tests.

This publication heard that on 19 October all the girls at the school got tested and that is when all
hell broke loose! The Chairman of the School Development Committee (SDC), Mr Momore Makado confirmed the reports.

"We had a meeting with the parents last month where we deliberated on pregnant girls at the school. We agreed that the girls should be tested so that we could ascertain whether they are not ill or pregnant. We got shocked upon realising that 13 girls were pregnant. The pregnant girls are in Form One to Three," said the SDC chairman.

He added: "What baffles the most is that there are parents who do not see value in education. We heard that some of the girls are being forced to get
married by their parents." Our News Crew further heard that there is a mine
worker (name withheld) who allegedly
impregnated a Form 2 girl. A How Mine compound resident who only identified himself as Baba Farai said what is taking place at How Mine is so embarrassing.

"This area has corrupted the new generation. At any given time elderly men will be getting intimate
with young girls. Age is no longer a factor to consider. You will find a married man falling in love with a school girl and no one will ever be bothered.

Even elderly women are not left out. You will find these women convincing young boys to have sex with them, just for the sake of having sex," said
Baba Farai.

Another woman who spoke to our news crew on condition of anonymity said the rapid spreading of the virus is caused by not giving school children condoms. "It's high time they (authorities) offer
people condoms. Even school children should also be given these condoms so that they don't fall pregnant," she said.

When reached for comment, the Headmaster of How Mine Secondary School said he doesn't know anything about these claims since he has been at
the school for less than three months.

"I'm still new here. I joined this school this term so I don't know much about what you are saying," said
Headmaster Nkosikazi Siziba.

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