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Saturday, November 03, 2012


The tale of how of a new generation bank at
Akowonjo, Lagos, was robbed last year won't be
complete without the mention of Eboma Onyeka, a
Police Sergeant who was at the time of the incident
attached to the Mobile Police Unit 20, at Ikeja.

Onyeka had allegedly conspired with four others,
including an employee of the said bank and robbed
the bank he was to secure of about N10m in April
2011. A security guard attached to the bank,
Sunday Ogundipe, was strangled in the process.

Two months after, Onyeka was arrested, tried and
dismissed from the force before he was arraigned
with his accomplices on armed robbery and murder
charges in July 2011.
However, Onyeka is once again a guest of the
Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Lagos, months after
securing his bail. He is said to have been involved
in a series of bank ATM robberies since his bail
from Kirikiri Prisons in December 2011.
But Onyeka strenuously denied his involvement in
any bank robbery attacks and he was quick to give
a recap of his activities since his bail from prison.

"After I got my bail, I left Lagos for my village in
Delta State. I stayed there for about two, three
months because I was ill and needed to recover.
When I was fully recovered, l went to Benin City
and met a friend whom I pleaded with for
assistance. My friend gave me an Audi car to use as
a taxi, so I could earn a living. I also underwent a
10-week course in producing insecticides and fruit

"Upon the completion of my course, I returned to
Lagos because I needed to start a business of my
own. Since there was no place for me to go, I called
a friend of mine who is a serving police inspector
and he asked me to see him. My wife had returned
to her family with my children after I got into
prison, so I had no home in Lagos. All this
happened in August 2012. It was the very day that
I arrived Lagos that I was arrested by SARS
operatives. I still had my toiletries on me," Onyeka

However, the Lagos State Police Commissioner, Mr.
Umar Manko, disclosed that Onyeka was arrested
after the spate of bank ATM robberies in Lagos
metropolis went up.
He said, "In the months following Onyeka's bail
from prison custody, we started getting reports of
bank ATM robberies nearly every weekend. Prior to
his arrest last year, there were only two gangs
responsible for bank ATM robberies in Lagos:

Onyeka's and another gang. As at the time he went
to prison custody, the ATM robberies had reduced
to the barest minimum.
"So when reports of ATM robberies began to come
in, we decided to check with the prison to confirm if
Onyeka was still in their custody but he wasn't. We
began investigations and we were able to obtain
his number. Through his phone number, we were
able to track his movements until he got to Lagos
and thereafter we rearrested him. His gang was
responsible for the recent robbery of a new
generation bank where a police corporal lost his

"At the time of his arrest, Onyeka had in his
possession a fake identity card which portrayed
him as a serving member of the Mobile Police
Force. When SARS operatives stormed the hotel
where he was meeting with a friend, Onyeka had
flashed his card to the team, not knowing that he
was the target of the raid."
Findings indicated that Onyeka was granted bail at
an Igbosere High Court 14 in December 2011
through a motion on bail application notice. His
lawyer, who identified himself as T.J. Ajapuno, said,

"In law, everyone is considered innocent until
proven otherwise. Onyeka's wife came to see me,
requesting my services so that her husband could
get bail and due process was followed. If Onyeka
went ahead to start robbing again after his bail was
granted, that is his own cup of tea. His wife and his
pastor had stood for him as sureties.

"We served the police and the State Criminal
Investigative Department at Panti got a copy of the
bail application. The Directorate for Public
Prosecution got a copy too. I wasn't even aware
that the DPP's advice was out; I don't have the
facts of the case and the DPP doesn't even have
Onyeka's file. It is not as if the case is over, the
substantive matter is before Justice Okunnu at the
Ikeja High Court."
Since his bail, Onyeka had had no further court
appearance. "Although I was in touch with my
lawyer and one of his subordinates, they told me
that they would contact me if anything came up,"
he said.
Before his arrest in July 2011, Onyeka had just
completed a training course for inspectors and was
awaiting promotion to same rank.

reports said Onyeka was arrested in his private
Hummer Jeep on his way to keeping an
appointment with other members of his gang
around 1.30 am on July 26, 2011.
Onyeka allegedly had in possession, an AK 47 rifle
and a big bag containing a face mask and other
suspicious items. Before his dismissal last year, the
41-year-old had served the Nigeria Police Force for
19 years.

Source- www.olufamous.com

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1. Use avocado instead of butter on your
sandwiches, buns, or on veggies.

2. Use naturally-sweet stevia instead of sugar. Be
wary of powdered stevia that contain other
sweeteners though. Stevia tastes sweet but
doesn't contain any form of sugar like glucose,
fructose, maltose, etc. so it doesn't impact blood
sugar levels.

3. Drink green tea lemonade (sweetened with
stevia, of course) instead of bottled ice tea or soda.
Check out my recipe here.

4. Choose brown rice pasta instead of white pasta.
Better yet, use kelp noodles if you can find them.

5. The same is true of rice. Choose brown rice
instead of white rice.

6. Use stock instead of bouillon to make soup. It's
really easy to do if you add vegetables and water to
a slow cooker and allow them to cook for at least 4
to 6 hours to extract the nutrients. Strain the
vegetables out and use the liquid as the base for
soup. Bouillon is notorious for containing the
harmful neurotoxin monosodium glutamate (MSG).

7. Add a can of beans to a pot of homemade soup.
It immediately ramps up the protein and fiber and
helps you feel full longer so you're less likely to
crave unhealthy snacks.

8. Make your own salad dressings. They take a
minute to make and help you obtain important
fats. Use the 3:1 ratio: three parts oil (like olive or
walnut oil) to one part acid (like lemon or lime
juice, or apple cider vinegar). Add herbs and a little
unrefined sea salt and maybe a teaspoon of honey
(if desired). Shake in a jar or blend with a hand

9. Switch from peanut butter to raw, organic
almond butter. Peanuts are vulnerable to molds
called aflatoxins which are highly inflammatory.
Almonds are less vulnerable.

10. Eat kale chips instead of potato chips. You can
purchase them ready-made or you can make your
own by tossing kale in a little olive oil and
unrefined sea salt, then bake at 275 until light and
crispy (usually 15 to 25 minutes).

11. Switch from sports energy drinks to coconut
water. Sports drinks are loaded with sugar, colors,
and frequently preservatives. Pure coconut water
replenishes electrolytes without all the junk.

12. Throw a handful of sprouts on your salads and
sandwiches and in your wraps. They are packed
with protein, fiber, and enzymes.

13. Switch from baked or mashed potato to baked
or mashed sweet potato for the extra beta carotene

14. Top baked sweet potatoes with flax oil or add
while mashing sweet potatoes to get more Omega

15. Eat a bowl of frozen blueberries in place of ice
cream. Blueberries are anti-inflammatory and
potent brain boosters.

16. Satisfy a sweet tooth with a delicious red, blue,
or purple fruit like pomegranate, mixed berries, or
cherries. They are packed with anthocyanidins that
are anti-inflammatory and great for heart health.

17. Choose 100% whole grain instead of multi-
grain or "whole wheat" bread. Multigrain or "whole
wheat" bread usually contains mostly white flour
with a handful of grains or whole wheat flour
thrown in to make it look natural.

18. Choose organic produce as much as possible.
Study after study shows that organic is more
nutritious than conventional produce.

19. Buy direct from farmers at local farmers'
markets. Most of the nutrients are lost when foods
are shipped long distances and stored for long
periods of time.

20. Eat fish or beans instead of meat. Fish contains
beneficial fats along with protein and beans
contain protein, fiber, and lots of vitamins.

21. Start every day with a large glass of pure water
with freshly-squeezed lemon juice. Lemons contain
over 20 anti-cancer compounds.

22. Switch from lattes to green tea. Green tea
helps regulate blood pressure, reduce
inflammation, balance cholesterol, fight cancer,
and regulate blood sugar.

23. Add fresh spices to your meals for added flavor
and nutrition. Spices like rosemary, basil, cayenne,
and oregano are high in antioxidants and are
natural antibiotics.

24. Make homemade muffins with grated carrots or
zucchini, or add pumpkin or sweet potato puree in
place of some of the liquid and sugar.

25. Make meat the background not the main dish if
you eat it.

26. Eat a large, raw salad every day. Top it with
grated beets or carrots, fresh strawberries,
chopped mint, slivered almonds or pumpkin seeds.

27. Snack on raw, unsalted pumpkin or sesame
seeds or nuts like walnuts or almonds. Packed with
fatty acids to boost immunity and moisturize your
skin, these foods also contain lots of protein and
fiber to stabilize blood sugar levels.

28. Eat an apple a day, preferably an organic one.
Apples contain pectin that binds to extra
cholesterol in the bloodstream and malic acid that
helps reduce fibromyalgia pain.

29. Switch from milk to almond milk in your baking
or smoothies. Milk is extremely mucus-forming and
has been linked to arthritis and other conditions.
Almond milk also contains calcium, along with
magnesium and many other nutrients.

30. Try to get a tablespoon or two of
extra virgin
olive oil every day. Cook with it on low to medium
heat (under 300 degrees Fahrenheit), use it for
salad dressings, or top dips like hummus with a
splash. Research shows it reduces the risk of dying
prematurely by 26 percent.

Drop your comment.

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Popular Nollywood actor and comedian,John Okafor also known as Mr IBu has accused his ex-
wife of poisoning his one year old son, Mandela.
The actor made this revelation while recounting the
ordeal leading up to his son's death by poisoning.

He said
"My ex-wife and her cohorts planned and
kidnapped my wife and child; they were later
released after 10 days. I paid the ransom and
they came home twelve hours later. That
child died a year later through poison. The
facts later came out but I don't want to act
on it now. You will be surprised the day you
hear what really happened, but I don't want
to go into details now."

Culled from Entertainment express.

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Some said they are in love,some said they will make a good couple.

What do you think?

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These men in the Picture above were caught as
robbers at Vono Street in Mushin and then burnt to
death by a mob for their alleged crime.
I condemn these acts and call
on the government to immediately fish out all
those responsible and bring them to book.

More photos to come

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A source disclosed that little Imiefan was found by
a teacher in the toilet who immediately raised
alarm and the girl was taken to the Winners Chapel
Church, operators of the school, where pastors
engaged in series of prayers to revive the girl.

Strange enough, at the close of school, when
Imiefan's mother came to pick her, the teacher said
they were looking for her. The source added that it
was not until two hours after Omokaro fell into the
bucket that she was taken to a hospital where she
was confirmed dead by the nurse on duty.
Father of the girl who gave his name as Omokaro
Jolly, said he dropped his daughter at school hale
and hearty and was surprised that the school
authorities could not tell him what happened to his

He said his wife called him at about 3:45 to inform
him that their daughter was missing and when he
got to the school, he was asked to go to the
hospital where he saw his child stone dead.
According to him, "When I dropped my daughter in
school, she said I should come and pick her up so
that I can buy her chocolate but I can't see my
daughter now."
Imiefan's class teacher and two nannies were
arrested upon reporting the matter at the Etete
Police Station.

"I can't bring a baby to school and they expect me
to collect a lifeless baby. It is their responsibility to
tell me what happened to my baby".
The wife, Mrs. Osarogue who was apparently worse
hit by the mysterious death of her little child said
amid tears, "I went to the school and asked where
is my love. Nobody answered me. I asked the
aunty, she told that my daughter went to the

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A 34-year old man, Kayode Oladosu has been
charged before an Ejigbo Magistrate's court, Lagos
for allegedly having carnal knowledge of his
neighbour's 10-year old daughter.
Oladosu, from Ibadan, Oyo State, reportedly lured
the little girl into his room at Kudeyibu Estate,
Isheri-Osun, Lagos.

The girl went home to meet her parents with blood
stained dress. Her parents reported the matter to
the police at Isheri-Oshun Division and Oladosu
was arrested and charged to court.
Narrating her ordeal, the victim said that she was
sent to buy some items in a provision store in their
area when Oladosu lured her to his room.
Oladosu told newsmen at the court that he was in a
financial mess and could not get money to give to
women in order to have s*x with them because he
had no steady job. He said he didn't mean to injure
the girl but only wanted to satisfy his s*xual desire.

"I did not intend to injure her, I just pushed my
p*nis a little bit to release," he explained.
Oladosu pleaded not guilty when the charge was
read to him.
He was granted bail in the sum of N200,000 with
two sureties in like sum by the trial magistrate,
Mrs. E.E. Kubenje, holding brief for Mrs. M. B.
Folami who is on leave, and was ordered to be
remanded in prison custody at Kirikiri, Apapa
pending when he will fulfill his bail condition.

The case has been adjourned till November 14.

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Friday, November 02, 2012


popular rapper,Ikechukwu's fiancee sharing some of her bathroom pictures with us.

dont you like it?

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Gen. Mohammed Shuwa (rtd) has been shut dead by unknown gunmen at his residence in Maiduguri, Borno state. Locals suspected that the killers were members of the Islamic terror group, Boko Haram.

Gen Shuwa was a former Federal Commissioner for Works during military administration of General Olusegun Obasanjo, and until his death, he was a member of the Board of Trustees of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP).

In May of 2012, General Shuwa had disagreed with the comments of former minister of Defence, Lt. Gen. (Rtd) T.Y. Danjuma when he called Borno State a failed state. At that time Shuwa had said “I commend General Danjuma for raising his voice on challenges currently being faced by different states in Nigeria including Borno state. Agreed, Borno is facing challenges but to call it a failed state is a remark in bad faith.”
Gen Mohammed Shuwa (rtd) had a long and distinguished military career. He succeeded Col. Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu as the commander of the 5th battalion in Kano after the Nzeogwu/Ifeajuna led coup was foiled. He also fought on the Federal side as a war time commander.

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The Dana crash site at toyin bus stop very close to Ishaga in Iju will be turned to a memorial ground.

The Governor of Lagos state said that
“Once again our hearts reach out to the families of the victims who were Nigerians and other members of the international community. We pray that time will heal their wounds and grief.”
“Our gratitude goes to the Commissioner for Special Duties, who led the recovery efforts; our health personnel from the Commissioner for Health and members of his team, especially theVice-Chancellor of LASU and the Medical Director of LASUTH, who worked with other experts to painstakingly sort, tag and process the bodies and prepare forensic samples for overseas analysis, which led to the positive identification of 141 bodies that have been released to the bereaved families for burial.

“I believe that this identification of over 94 per cent of the victims- and we are still working to conclude the rest- helped us to avoid a mass burial for the first time in our history of such human tragedy and I hope it will bring the bereaved families nearer to a closure.”

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Adekunle Musiliu Tajudeen, who allegedly macheted his grandmother; Madam Olalonpe Ganiyu and her brother, Pa Ogundeji, to death at N4/204, Ile-Aloko, , Adeoyo, .
Adekunle, it was gathered, had mental challenges and in a reaction that gave a clue to his mental state, the 33-year-old, said he killed his grandmother over her insistence on him to cut his hair which he insist was the same as cutting himself!

According to Adekuinle’s testimony, given to Tribune, “Mama told me to go and barb my hair and I said no, that I was not ready to do so. She continued pressurising me to still go ahead. I told her that I was not ready to barb it because I wanted to grow it to a dreadlock level and considered the hair as myself which I’m not ready to cut. I told her that ‘that hair is me that you want me to cut’ but she never listened to me. So, when the pressure was too much for me to bear, I went for one of the cutlasses that we used to peel yam and cut firewood in the house.

“I used the cutlass on her and when I was done, grandpa, her brother,( Ogundeji), came into the house and threatened me that if he collected that cutlass in my hands I should consider myself dead. At that point, I knew that if I gave him the cutlass or he collected it, I would die, then, I had to attack him.”

truly he is insane
source- Tribune


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Popular musician,Terry G is now a father,his UK fiancee,Mimi Omoregbe gave birth to the baby boy in UK yesterday.

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According to PUNCH,A former Councillor of Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Area of Lagos State, Onimole Babatunde, is currently being detained at the Area E Police Command, Festac, Lagos for allegedly stabbing an 18-year-old girl in the neck after she refused his advances at a night club. Click to continue reading.

PUNCH Metro learnt that on October 26, Mariam Abubakar went to Pearl Habour Night Club in Rochester Garden Hotel, Festac to “catch weekend fun.”

Her friend, who pleaded anonymity, said they only went there “to hang out” when Babatunde, who was obviously drunk, started to make advances to Mariam Abubakar.

She said, “She was not interested in him so she did not answer when he called her. He was dancing and Mariam (Abubakar) was sitting at a table. He was obviously drunk and he came to pull her.
“He was manhandling her and she insisted he should leave her alone. This did not go down well with Babatunde and he was really angry. He went to a corner, took a bottle, broke it and stabbed Mariam in the neck.”

According to the source, Babatunde fled the scene immediately.

A police source at Area E told our correspondent that the preliminary report obtained indicated that the incident occurred at about 1:30am.
He said Abubakar bled profusely at the scene before she was taken to Naval Hospital, Ojo by sympathisers at the night club.
The source said she was not admitted because those who took her there could not produce a police report.

“That was when someone notified our station (Area E Command) and we went to take her to Ajeromi General Hospital,” he said.

It was learnt that as Abubakar was being taken to the general hospital, she went into a coma.
She was said to have been revived at the general hospital. A nurse at the hospital, who craved anonymity, told our correspondent that she had lost about 20 per cent of her blood.
Abubakar is currently under intensive care at the hospital.

However, the police said the night club workers destroyed evidence at the scene of the alleged crime by cleaning up Abubakar’s blood on the floor.
The hotel has currently been sealed off by the police because the management did not report the incident.

It was learnt that the police got wind of Babatunde’s whereabouts, said to be holing up somewhere in Ikoyi and called him to simply come and write a statement. But he was detained immediately he got to the station.

The police spokesperson, Ngozi Braide, said she had not been briefed on the case.

Source: Punch
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i posted some tips on how to know if you are dating the right guy some months age,today is time for my guys. These are TIPS ON HOW TO KNOW IF YOU ARE DATING THE RIGHT LADY.
1.Where were you when you met? If you were both at a program for improvement, you may be beneficial to each other at the start, offering encouragement and support, but then develop into a co-dependant/self-sabotaging tag team. If it was at your workplace, what happens if expectations aren’t met? You will encounter more thanrelationship problems, and who wants to take work home with them, unless they truly lovewhat they do?

 2. What condition were you in when you met–drunk, depressed or outright desperate? All of these are red flags for “go slow,” since that extremely sweet, slightly-neurotic pole dancer may turn out to be the stalker from hell. Jokes aside, if you are finding fulfillment in your life in other areas, any woman you attract will be attracted to you for that very reason. You don’t “need” her. She is a pleasant add-on and therefore comes without the responsibility for your well-being. Bonus!

 3. Who are you? Do you actually know what you want? Are you just passing the time, chewing up years and seeing what happens? Get clear on the man that you are–your ideals, integrity, desires and dreams. As you become clearer on yourself, you will also have a clear preference for what will match you and then automatically find yourself among others who share your interests and values. Birds of a feather do flock together, and this is the easy way to selectively sift the unwanted from the wanted. It can be cute to see a piglet sitting next to a duckling, and both have great attributes; however, as a pairing for life their natural desire for particular lifestyles will pose problems. I’m not calling any of you pigs or sitting ducks; however, I am sure you understand the analogy. It’s really not rocket science. This golden advice has been around for eons and is pertinent to all areas of life: Know thyself!

 4.Why do you want a relationship? I can guarantee that if you want a woman to fill the gaping, empty unfulfilled void that is your life, you will be attracting many Miss Wrongs, as you yourself will be very wrong. Two wrongs are not going to make a right, even though at first they will have much in common. If you discover that your common ground is based onproblems that both of you are facing–major warning. Danger. Stop. If, however, you share a passion and a direction of movement toward positive solutions, you will have more success. If it is something you seem to have developed and fallen into, oops! You’ll be single three months later.

 This is a kind of “relationship accident.” You should choose to spend time together not because it’s obligatory, but because it offers you genuine enjoyment andpleasure. “Fun” is the key word here, together with “established trust” and then “intimacy.” All of us only want what we want for the fun of it. After it’s not fun, we may still share history. One person in the relationship will then be the light to the other, reminding them what fun is and what an inspiring, enjoyable person they already know them to be. Most relationships will take turns through a dark, stormy cloud.

 It’s when the dark, stormy cloud becomes a monsoon and grows to epic proportions that you discover, all too late, that this is the (so very, very) wrong woman. Nip it in the bud. Be aware of life’s red lights and go-slows. Look at her other relationships, both previous partners and current friends and family. If there is a trail of drama, do not be too surprised, as you don your white knight’s outfit, to discover that you have become debris left behind on the trail. There are always indicators that someone is not “all that;” however, keep your attention on what you enjoy.

You will find that it may not be this particular woman; however, with over 90 million singles in the United States alone, and a lot of them women, the odds are on your side that one of them is your Miss Right, even if she’s not Miss Right Now!

Relationship Coach Rose T.
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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Porsche Classy!: HORROR: Gay runs turn awry as UNIPORT Undergraduat...

Porsche Classy!: HORROR: Gay runs turn awry as UNIPORT Undergraduat...: University of Port-harcourt (UNIPORT) can't stop being in the news for the wrong reasons. After the widely villified Aluu 4 massacre and ...

PPost Before “read more”And here is the rest of it
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According to linda,the man above'okada man' was beaten black and blue by policemen in Lagos for allegedly
violating the new Lagos state traffic law.

He was apprehended at the junction adjoining
University road and St Finbarrs college road Akoka,
by policemen in mufti. Instead of charging him
based on the dictates of the law, the policemen
descended on the Okadaman, beating him black
and blue before stripping him naked.

The inhuman treatment did not stop until
sympathizers who had formed a crowd around the
scene, pleaded with the policemen. Is the Nigeria
Police truly your friend?

Drop your comment below.

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According to the video that the sect just uploaded on youtube. They said that

**Govt should Prosecute Sen Ali Modu Sheriff.
**Maj Gen Buhari and Others to Represent them in
the talks with Government.
**Talks must be in Saudi Arabia, not in Nigeria.

Details coming shortly.

Check back later .

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Here Lagos,most Lagosians have not welcomed the decision of the Governor to ban okada in some part of the state.

DELTA State Commissioner for Transport, Mr.
Benson Igbakpa, has said there was no going back
on the ban on commercial motorcycles, popularly
known as Okada, as the ban takes effect today.

"Anybody who may claim to be using his
or her motorcycle for private purposes or haulage
should construct a carriage at the back signifying
that it is not a passenger motorcycle.

"With the transport arrangements already on
ground, we can move as much as 21,000
passengers at a time. So there is no going back on
the November 1 take off date for the restriction
order because the state governor, Dr. Emmanuel

The Governor Commissioned 1,250 tricycles to be used in place
of motorcycles, the governor had warned
politicians not to interfere with the distribution of
the tricycles as it was exclusively reserved for
commercial motorcycle operators.

He also subsidized the cost of the
tricycles up to 70 per cent, from N400,000 to
N150,000, warned operators of the tricycles to restrict themselves to routes approved for them.

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Serena and Venus Williams are in lagos. The sisters were was linked to Nigeria as their fatherland but Venus said "This is another country that we would love to
come from but we are from the United States and
are proud to be from there as well",

On their mother's decision to name their late
sister, Yetunde, after a Nigerian, Venus said that it
was because of the mum's love for Africa.

"My mum named my late sister after an Africa
name because she loves Africa and that is all to it",
she said.

To see more photos of the williams sisters in Lagos,click below.

So take note.

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Saxena has 13 fingers and and 12 toes. He was
born with 14 fingers, but lost one in an accident
when he was 2.

'He was out playing when he injured one of his
fingers, and it just sort of came off,' his father, Anil
Saxena, told the Daily Mail.
Though many people have offered to foot the bill
for surgery, the boy's parents say their son is just
fine the way he is.

'Arpan is famous all over Bhopal and we like it that
way," said his mother, Tanu Saxena. "I am
apprehensive about how an operation might affect
him at this age."

Arpan is a local celebrity in his home city. The
youngster says he enjoys the attention when
people come to take pictures of him, though he
notes that the lack of properly fitting shoes keeps
him from walking much.

Arpan's parents aren't the only ones to see some
benefits of polydactyly. Cuban man Yoandri
'Twenty-Four' Hernandez Garrido says his extra
fingers and toes are a blessing. Not only do they
allow him to expertly climb trees, he says, but he
also makes a significant amount of money
charging tourists to pose for pictures with him.

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The principal of Etiwanda High School was
arrested early Tuesday for allegedly having a
sexual relationship with a student.
Brian Garret Joseph, 38, and the student started
the relationship when she was a minor and
attending the high school, according to San
Bernardino County sheriff's deputies.
Joseph resigned from his position at the Chaffey
Joint Union High School District school on Tuesday
after making bail.

Chaffey Joint Union officials contacted sheriff's
deputies at the Rancho Cucamonga station to
report that Joseph might be involved in a sexual
relationship with a former student.
"We got an anonymous tip that was very recent
and we acted on it immediately," Superintendent
Mathew Holton said. "This is a very sad day."

The sheriff's Crimes Against Children Detail
investigated the allegations.
Detectives said they learned Joseph has been
involved with the former student — who is now 18
years old — and that it became sexual while she
was a student at Etiwanda High.
A search warrant was served shortly after midnight
at Joseph's home in the 14000 block of Parkwood
Avenue in Corona.

Joseph was taken into custody on accusations of
unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. He was
booked at the Central Detention Center in San
Bernardino and released on bail.
Holton sent an email to district staffers addressing
the allegations on Tuesday morning.

"Dr. Joseph voluntarily resigned and, as a result,
we have asked Tom Mitchell, a former EHS
principal, to provide his good leadership skills to
EHS and to continue to support the students and
staff during this time of transition," Holton wrote in
the email.
Joseph was principal for four years and also served
as assistant principal at Etiwanda High, Holton
Etiwanda High records show Joseph, who is
married and has earned a doctorate degree,
worked for the district for nine years.

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45-year-old pastor, Peter Oladiti has appeared
before an Ibadan Magistrates' Court charged with
stealing an Ipad and other sets of computer set
valued at over N240,000.

According to prosecutor Sikiru Opaleye, the
accused also allegedly stole an HP laptop computer
valued N85, 000 and a printing machine worth N8,
000, property of a secondary school principal.

Opaleye said that the accused committed the
offence on 7 October at Ile-Eja, Olorunsogo Area of

The prosecutor added that the offences
contravened Sections 413 and 390 of the Criminal
Code Laws of Oyo state of Nigeria 2000.
The accused doubts the doubts of many people
who said he couldn't have being a pastor when he
pleaded guilty to the charges and his counsel, Mr
Philips Ojo, applied for out of court settlement of
the matter.

The case was adjourned to 30 January next year for
further hearing.

Source- PM news

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Popular Nollywodd actor,Pete Eneh
has undergone surgery to amputate one of his
legs. This move became necessary in order to save
his life.

According to linda's blog,he sustained an injury
sometime last year and due to lack of proper care,
it became infected and degenerated to a sore. His
condition was made worse by the fact that he was
suffering from diabetes.

The actor was admitted at Parklane hospital, Enugu
for three months where doctors eventually made
the decision to amputate the affected leg to
prevent the infection from spreading to other parts
of his body.
The amputation took place last week Wednesday,
October 24th.

Really bad for Nollywood.

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No fewer than Seven persons were yesterday burnt to death in an
auto crash along Agbor-Abavo-Asaba highway.

National president of Ijaw People Development
Initiative, , IPDI, Comrade Austin Ozobo who
witnessed the accident said the accident occurred
at about 3.40 pm, adding that there were four
survivors, who were rushed to an undisclosed

"A bus carrying about 11 passengers reportedly
collided with a Peugeot J5 bus, which lost control.

"It is quite disturbing. I saw human beings burning
alive and there was nothing anybody could do to
stop the fire.

"Immediately it happened, there was an explosion
and the bus caught fire. There was no fire service,
even when the Federal Road Safety Commission,
FRSC officials, came later, nobody could do
anything. People were just watching until they
were burnt. There were only four survivors," he

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Ommmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy God! I can't laugh. They get papa na.

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Governor Fashola and The Williams Sisters.

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Popular act,Keri Hilson took to twitter to show her love for
Flavour Nabania's song. See her tweet below: Sawa
Sawa Sawale, Sawa Sawa Sawale, ASSHHHHHH!!
#nowplaying "Ashawo" Remix by Flavour. love
thisss sonnnnng!!! — Keri Hilson (@KeriHilson)

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OBO- Omo Baba Olowo has released a hot single with Akon on the track. Yes is the remix of dami-duro. Click below to download.

Davido feat. Akon - Dami Duro (Remix) http://t.co/0m18hvxV.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr.
Nsima Ekere, has resigned from office.
In a letter of resignation dated Wednesday,
October 31, the deputy governor said he was
resigning on personal grounds.

A statement signed by his Press Secretary,
Inemesit Ita, said Ekere thanked the governor
and the people of the state for the opportunity
given him to serve the state in the last 17

"Mr. Ekere wished the governor and the
people well in the remaining years of the
administration, " the statement added.

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Serena Williams and
Venus Williams meeting the Governor of Lagos,Raji
Fasola... The tennis star arrived yesterday.

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Have you noticed lately how we have many bald-
headed young men around us? I have always
wondered if baldness was just hereditary or if there
was something else to it. While I was searching for
answers, I came across some articles on the causes
of baldness and the cure, if there is any.
A certain amount of hair thinning is a natural part
of the aging process for some people.

But if you
have sudden or patchy hair loss, a doctor
appointment is in order. Sudden or patchy hair loss
may be a sign of an underlying disease or
condition. For example, skin conditions such as
vitiligo, autoimmune disorders such as Addison's
disease or alopecia areata, and certain thyroid
conditions all can cause sudden or uneven hair

Androgenetic alopecia: This is the most common
form of hair loss and is also referred to as male-
pattern or female-pattern baldness. Hormones and
genetics seem to play the main role here. Male-
pattern baldness is hereditary, from either side of
the family, and can even skip generations. It tends
to occur on the crown and at the temples and when
these patches join together, the top of the hair is
left completely bald. Statistics show that this type
of hair loss affects 30 percent of men aged 30, 50
percent of men aged 50, and 70 percent of men
aged 70. For women, the hair thins initially on the
frontal area and the crown and moves down the
sides of the head, while the back of the head
remains dense with hair. This is hereditary and
tends to affect women mostly after menopause.

Toxic alopecia: This type of hair loss seems to
occur following physical or emotional stress. Things
such as illness, scalp infections, sudden loss of
weight, surgery, drugs, and pregnancy/childbirth
can cause this type of hair loss. Diseases such as
lupus, diabetes, and thyroid disease can bring
about such hair loss, as can chemotherapy, heart
disease drugs, and radiation therapy. Hair loss that
occurs as a result of a mental or physical stress can
occur some 2 to 3 months after the event that
sparked the stress.

Alopecia areata: This is actually a skin disorder
which causes hair on the affected skin areas to fall
out. It is usually the scalp or beard and is thought
to have autoimmune causes. This type of hair loss
seems to be most common in young people. The
hair usually grows back.

Alopecia universalis or totalis: All body hair is
lost, from everywhere, including eyebrows and
eyelashes. Hair follicles are not destroyed; the
inability to grow hair back is psychological and
getting hair to grow back again is not easy.

Trichotillomania: This is hair loss due to hair
pulling, a habit or condition that can be corrected
with treatment.

Scarring alopecia: This is hair loss that occurs at
the site of scars or damaged areas such as burns or
skin cancer.
Hair loss has multiple causes, including diet,
mineral deficiency, medications, stress, pollution,
and your genetics. Wearing helmets and caps can
also increase hair loss. Up to one third of the
population suffers from hair loss, and of that third,
thousands are women. Whatever the cause of hair
loss that might be worrying you, it's important to
understand what hair loss is, how hair grows, and
what you could be doing before hair loss even
becomes an issue for you.

Like I said, your diet can be one of the causes of
hair loss. If you are a vegetarian and/or you eat too
few iron-rich foods, such as red meat, it could be.
Dietary deficiencies have been known to cause hair
loss in men and women around the world. If your
thinning hair is accompanied by thin and fragile
fingernails, ask your doctor about a blood test for
iron-deficiency anemia.
Additionally, a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids,
vitamin B12, and biotin may play a role in the
condition of your hair. These nutrients aren't a cure
for baldness, but they may help preserve the shine,
strength, and integrity of your hair. Cold-water fish,
such as salmon and herring, are good sources of
these nutrients.
Some studies have shown that green tea may have
a positive effect on inherited hair loss. Although
the evidence that green tea can prevent hair loss is
not strong, drinking the antioxidant-rich tea is a
valuable addition to any diet.
For men who suffer from excessively thinning hair
or excessive hair loss for which there is no known
underlying medical reason, it is probably due to
genetics. In fact, most hair loss in men is inherited:
It can come from mom, dad, or both parents. The
culprit in male pattern hair loss seems to be the
enzyme 5 alpha-reductase (5-AR), which converts
testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT
shrinks the hair follicles in men with a genetic
predisposition, and in time, the smaller follicles
produce shorter and thinner hair.
As you are working down your list of possible
explanations, here are some items to cross off.
Chemicals, such as those used to color, perm, or
bleach hair or those used to chlorinate swimming
pools, do not cause hair to fall out at the follicle or
cause permanent hair loss. But harsh chemicals
can cause hair to become very fragile and
susceptible to breakage, so limiting your exposure
to them may help protect the integrity of your hair.

Treating Hereditary Hair Loss
One of the most popular pharmacological hair loss
treatments for men is minoxidil. This topical
medication inhibits the enzyme 5-AR and has
proved effective in treating hair loss in men. But
there are some drawbacks to minoxidil. Consistent
use is required to maintain hair growth, and results
may take up to four months to begin showing.
Also, it works best for hair growth on the crown of
the head, not the frontal hairline or receding
hairlines, and once treatment is stopped, hair loss
returns. Local side effects may include dryness,
itching, and redness of the scalp, so talk to your
doctor about what's best for you.
Another possible treatment for hereditary hair loss
in men is the oral medication finasteride. Like
minoxidil, this medication inhibits 5-AR. Speak
with your doctor about the possible risks and
benefits of this medication. A small number of men
taking this medication reported sexual side effects,
such as decreased libido.

The Future Is Bright
Hair loss research continues at a rapid pace.
Researchers have been successful in regrowing
hair on bald mice through the implantation of stem
cells and one day may be able to implant such cells
into humans to activate the hair follicles to grow
more hair.
But until a permanent cure for baldness is
available, your best bet for maintaining a full head
of hair is to seek treatment at the first sign of
thinning. This will increase your chances of
minimizing hair loss. Alternatively, change your
mindset and embrace a bald new look!

Culled- www.informationnigeria.org

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The National Emergency Management Agency
(NEMA) yesterday 30th October, 2012 at about
10am embarked on rapid assessment of hospitals
for the second day running to ascertain the
conditions of victims of the recent Kaduna bomb
attack which occurred at the St. Rita's Catholic
Church, Ungwar Yero, Malali, Kaduna.

agency has confirmed that 7 people including the
suicide bomber lost their lives while 55 victims are
still on admission at seven medical centers while
almost 90 victims has been discharged.

Among the dead persons are 18 years old Miss
Laraba Sule of No 13 River Close, Ungwar Yero and
32-years old Mr. Bitrus Audu of No 6 Birnin Gwari
Road, Ungwar Yero, Malali Kaduna, the two corpses
and the body of the attacker were taken to the 44
Army Reference Hospital.

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